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8 Questions to Ask When Designing a Logo for Your Small Business

The best logos are easily identified within a quick glance, and make a memorable impression. A memorable logo is what’s responsible for instant brand recognition.

Think of the most iconic modern logos — from Apple and Nike, to Instagram and Facebook — as soon as you see them you instantly know who and what they represent.

When your customer can immediately identify you based on your logo, it helps you not only stand out, but also drive interest, engagement and sales.

It’s easy to identify a great logo when you see it, but the process to create an amazing logo isn’t an easy task. The truth is that most logos aren’t that great. There is so much to consider when creating a logo that has the potential to become a recognizable brand, and most logo designers don’t take any of those factors into account.

There are ten important questions to ask when designing a logo for your small business, whether it’s for a brand new business or a logo re-design for a re-branding.

1. Should I hire a logo design agency to do it or attempt to create a logo myself?

Let’s not sugar coat this — you should hire an experience professional to design your logo. Even if you are very visual and artistic, there are so many additional factors that need to be considered.

An experienced logo design agency understands how logos live in different elements, like print, digital, social media, etc. You can have specific colors and styles in mind, and it’s always a good idea to express your likes and dislikes in the beginning, as it gives the logo design agency a starting point.

It’s their experience that can take your initial ideas and design initial concepts and mockups that allow you to bring your vision to life in a way that will adapt to different elements and environments.

2. How much does professional logo design cost?

Logo design prices are all over the place. Some agencies charge upwards of $20,000 for a logo, while there are freelancers on gig websites that will crank out a logo design for $5. I’m not going to say you get what you pay for, because that just simply isn’t true.

You don’t have to spend $10,000 to $20,000 for a top quality logo, and this common misconception is one of the reasons I started OMG Logo. In fact, many of our designers started out as freelancers, working for agencies that resold their work for those hefty price tags.

The low-priced gig websites are cheap, but so it the final logo design. We created OMG Logo to provide agency-quality logo design at an affordable price point that businesses of all sizes can afford.

We have three options available, priced at $399, $499 and $599. Our Silver plan is the most popular, which provides you with six initial concepts and then unlimited revisions. (Note: We currently have a special $100 OFF coupon code that you can use on any package: BLOG100)

3. How long should I expect my logo to remain relevant before it needs to be updated?

This is an impossible question to answer, as some brands, like NIKE for example, have made slight changes over the years to arrive where they are today, which is just the solo swoosh icon.

Others, like Instagram, for example, are fairly young, but have gone through different logo variations in a very short period of time. Uber is another example of a young company that made drastic logo changes early on.

new instagram logo

new uber logo

As technology changes and new platforms become available that your logo will reside on, changes might be required. Trends and consumer taste also comes into play, as logos of today are designed much differently than they were just ten years ago.

Years ago, may logos were very detail-rich, as they lived offline and brands wanted to really hit consumers with beautiful designs. Today, an online is so important, so flat simplistic designs are very popular. There is far less characters these days are more of a focus on fonts and icons. Speculating and guessing is a waste of time — it’s best to adapt in real-time as needed.

4. What are the best colors to use in a logo design?

While this is completely up to you and has a lot to do with what type of business the logo is for and where the logo will primarily reside, there are some things to consider. Different colors are associated with specific feelings.

  • Red: active, emotional, passionate, trust, love, intensity, aggressiveness
  • Blue: comfort, faith, conservative, understanding, clarity, confident, calm, trust
  • Yellow: joy, alive, energetic, fresh
  • Green: calm, relaxed, trust, peaceful, hopeful
  • Purple: glamour, power, nostalgic, romantic, introspective
  • Orange: enthusiastic, creative, determined, stimulated
  • Black: bold, seriousness, luxurious
  • Pink: love, sweet, warmth, sexuality, nurtured
  • Brown: reliability, support, dependability

I would suggest selecting colors that you absolutely love and also hit the emotional triggers your brand is about. For example, Market Domination Media is OMG Logo’s parent company, and our logo is orange and blue. I went with those colors years ago to signal creativity and confidence. Also, try not to duplicate the colors of your top competitors — you want to stand out, not blend in.

5. What are the best fonts to use in a logo design?

Fonts are very similar to colors, as different fonts will represent different emotions and feelings. A lot of it will have to do with the nature of your business and who your target market is. If you are building a children’s brand, then more playful fonts would be appropriate.

A financial service company, for example, would want to make sure they use very professional fonts that convey trust and expertise. When selecting fonts though, it’s important to think about how they will react as their size is manipulated. If a font is too hard to read when it’s reduced in size then you will want to avoid using it.

Today, very simply, yet clean fonts are an extremely popular choice.

6. What are the most popular types of logos?

There are four different logo categories.

Letterform: These are logos that consist of just one letter, with Uber being a very recognizable example. Also, McDonald’s golden arch “M” is an iconic letterform logo that everyone is familiar with.

Pictorial: These are logos that feature a symbol that is highly recognizable. Think Twitter’s bird logo or Apple’s logo.

Abstract: This is the hardest logo type to pull off, because they don’t represent anything specifically. The most notable abstract logo would be NIKE’s swoosh. It takes a very special and unique brand to be able to pull off an abstract logo.

Wordmarks: When a company just uses letters or abbreviations, it’s referred to as a wordmark logo. Our logo is a wordmark, as it’s just OMG. Another example would be ESPN, which stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

7. What logo type is going to be the best for my business?

No type of logo is best suited for a particular type of business. A lot of it has to do with your business name, what it is that your business does and who your target customer is.

If your business name is long and there are no possible abbreviation options, then a wordmark logo wouldn’t be the best option. While an abstract logo requires a very memorable and brandable company, you could always combine elements, creating a pictorial and wordmark combination, which could then evolve into just a pictorial logo as the brand becomes more recognizable.

8. What points does my logo need to touch on in order for it to be successful?

This is a question that is really hard to give a generic answer to, as your logo needs to speak to your customer and convey your brand message, which is something that only you, as the business owner, can create.

A great logo tells anyone, whether they have been a long-term customer or are just seeing your brand for the first time, what it is that your business does and what type of personality your brand possesses.

When we start a log design project the first thing we ask the client for is a description of what their business does. A logo for a medical practice is going to require a much different angle than a log for a cupcake shop, in terms of brand messaging. The best thing you can do is be very descriptive and detailed when providing your logo design agency the initial intake details.